Presales have become a common practice for property transactions, particularly in many Asian markets. Presale contracts attract both consumers and developers since the contracts can spread real estate valuation risks between developers and consumers and among consumers with varied expectations about future real estate.

Presales helps customers to understand exactly how a product or service can solve their potential needs. Presales offers insight into the customer experience. The price advantage continues to be a major attraction for investors as well as end users, particularly those not seeking early possession.

Pre-selling properties are sold at introductory price lower than existing ones. Property developers offer buyers flexible payment scheme and sometimes give some amount of discount depending on the terms. You get to choose your preferred unit or lot type, orientation, floor or plot plan, view, accessibility to amenities and reduced foot traffic. Real estate value appreciates over time especially well-located ones. Market value of pre-selling properties have already increased considerably by the time of their completion.

When market is raising or on the verge of rising, pre-sales is a great investment. A customer can get to choose the unit of your choice with the best view, favourable location and easy accessibility, and preferred floor all within his budget. It is a smart investment not just because you can get the property at reduced rates but as once the neighbourhood starts developing you can sell the property and enjoy high returns.

One major benefit of investing in a pre-sales property is that the rates are reasonable and attractively lower than post-sales rates. Due to various factors like new developments in the area, increasing property demand revised laws, and increasing cost of raw materials, the price hikes after the pre-launch phase. In pre-sales customers being able to choose from a selection of available plots.


P. Tharun Teja , N.Sree Divya, P.Rupa Sree, Y.Mounika, Y.Pramila